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Why post a web site like this? It's a good question. Mainly because, believe it or not, I discovered that there are people out there who have only just recently read Dagger Dark (published over ten years ago now), and have been trying to track its author down.

Amazing but true. So - here I am.

I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised (though I live in a never-ending state of surprise, truth be known). Dagger has been a regular e-bay (among other sites) item for the last eight years at least (with asking prices in excess of USD $120 in the early days - knocked me off my chair when I spotted that one - no longer, I'm afraid, sorry). So it made sense to me that a few of these new readers might want to find out a little more about the person who wrote the book.

Next question: why call it, and not - I don't know - Dagger was my first book. It may be my only book (published, that is, I've actually written more than eleven novels, not including short stories and scripts). I guess it's my tribute to a particularly fun part of my life. And it was. It had its ups and downs, but then, doesn't everything? All in all, I had a ball, and I'd not have had it any other way. Stuff happens. . .

What follows represents some general rambling, so bear with me. I'll try to treat it like a journal, with updates now and again.

Of course, how busy I get at updating depends on who ends up finding this site.

No activity means you're it! Glad you could make it.

January 2010

Well - these gaps are getting longer, but that doesn't mean I'm lazing about doing nothing. Apart from my day job (which involves writing, too, but not the fun kind), I've been at it, starting a new series of short stories as well as working on an old manuscript of mine that I'd committed to do something about a while back.

Okay - I'm posting some stories. Now!

Some more great comments out there in webland, too, this one from Big Kev some time last year:

"I'm currently reading a book by the name of "Dagger Dark" by Richard Millership. Came across this book 'cause I did a job for him, and we were talking about sci fi books, and he told me he'd actually written one. So I chased it up and the book is BRILLIANT. It's a shame he doesn't write any more, because he had so much of a struggle pushing that book onto the market, and it was practically ignored.

Anyways, the book is based in NYC, in an era where drugs are completely legal. There are only a few rare drugs that are illegal due to causing massive harm, but these are still chased due to being forbidden fruit. One type, Dagametoxamine, nicknamed dagger, has been found to be involved in a serial murder case, but the more the detective attempts to chase it up, the more the case is being covered up by the authorities.

It's brilliantly written, and the detectives cynical attitude becomes hilarious at times. it's a real shame this book didn't get far more recognition. It's BRILLIANT!"

Apologies, Kev, if you're reading this, I've totally forgotten when we met, but am delighted you enjoyed the book. For the record, I am writing again, but I do keep getting distracted by clients (it's called 'work', dang nab it). Oh well. Email me some time.

June 2009

Apologies for the sudden vanishing - when web hosts go broke, they don't muck about.

Up again now, though, and more functional than ever (though I am yet to wrestle the feedback page into submission).

A new short story soon, , ,

May 2009

Who'd guess updating one of these things would turn into quite such a chore! Not me. My apologies for the lack of new stuff (and the hiatus). Still working on the short story series for the Demonicon (no - I wouldn't have mentioned the series name change, would I. . .), I've decided to post another.

I haven't been lazy (promise). Go check the BAT page for the latest.

March 2008

The cruelty of time (and what I look like in 2008, eleven years after the event). Here's me then. And now: my eldest and I (she was born in December 1997, the year Dagger was published - my other baby), my youngest and I (a self shot), me in shades (not trying to look anything, really, but it's just one of those rare photographs where I don't look like I've just escaped from one of my own novels), and me taking my own photo (again - hence the weird look of Easter Island Statue-like concern. . .desperately trying to keep the camera lined up, I guess - no one takes my picture for me, I realise. . .oh well). Okay - I've got that over and done with.

February 2008

Mea culpa. For the record - the 'Richard Millership' who modified the electronics to create a Dalek voice modulator from a Vader Voice kit (go Google) - was me. . .

And no, I'm not stark raving mad (much). It's a long story. . . Suffice it to say, I've seen that kit modification spec' of mine floating about the world for some time now, from the United States to England to New Zealand.

Why build a Dalek voice modulator? To go with a Dalek, of course!

The answer to your next question is 'yes'. Full scale, too (I should be charging it rent).

January 2008

Every now and again, I amuse myself by punching my name into Google (just to see what pops up).

Every now and again, I get very pleasant surprises (Dalek voice modulator credits aside).

Like this one:

There's a great novel called "Dagger Dark" or "Dark Dagger" something like that. I will have to find out, its written by a Aussie authur, forgot his name, its a real surreal and trippy book, its set in Year 2020 or something where ALL drugs are legal, and its set in USA, even speed and many harder drugs, and the drug industry is controlled by big chemical companies and they have created many new designer drugs, etc... and its about one big chemical company who made drugs, and it made users go crazy and kill people the chemical company was trying to cover up to prevent being sued or somthing, its just like how tobacco companies are trying to cover up the tobacco's side effects, etc.. but with "legal harder drugs"

This novel gives a great idea "what if/what happens if" all drugs were legalised....

There was a sence in the novel it was like "Opium Den" but all users had permanet drip tube attached to their arms/bodies, and they just plug into this "drug machine" when the users have paid a "fee".

I have to go back to the library and find the name of that book, it was a great thriller novel, read it about 4-5 years ago."

Amazing - Dagger Dark actually made it to America, and became an item in US chat forums. This is especially weird, given the book was only published in Australia. God bless airport bookstores (where Dagger Dark did particularly well, so I was told at the time)!

How about this one from Bookcrossing:

. . .a dark and satisfying thriller, to be shared around.

Or this one (I found this on Amazon - five stars and all):

Finally an Australian Mystery writer, November 16, 2004

What a great read! Quite rare to find an Australian writer who can actually write brilliant fiction. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time....and I was fascinated about how this Auzzie could create scenes in New York - when they probably don't live there to be inspired. I think this story needs to become a movie. It's brilliant! Recommend this to everyone.....

Or these! Some terrific ratings, too. Nine out of ten stars! Shame they got my first name wrong, though!

Thomas Millership? I wonder where the heck that came from! Oh well. . .

. . .the blurb says it best: 'New York City in the year 2018 is a decaying fortress where serial killings are so commonplace they barely raise an eyebrow. A designer-drug culture where everything is legal'

goes at a furious pace, a good read!

(why am I releasing all these great books????)


Journal entry 2 by grooble from Adelaide, South Australia  Australia on Saturday, January 17, 2004

Released on Saturday, January 17, 2004 at Billy Baxter's Coffee Lounge, Colonnades upper lev in Adelaide, South Australia Australia.

in the cafe. I liked this one a lot.


Journal entry 3 by RosalieA from Adelaide, South Australia  Australia on Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Have worked my way partially through, so far a good read. Caught at Billie Baxters Colonnades Noarlunga 31 March 2004.

Plan to re-release when finished back at Billie Baxters Colonnades Noarlunga, will advise when returning to the wild.


Journal entry 4 by RosalieA from Adelaide, South Australia  Australia on Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Of course, Science Fiction, what a read! fantastic, fast paced and good story line. Would recommend highly to any Si Fi fans out there. Nearly completed reading, will release in 2 weeks from now at Billie Baxters Noarlunga Centre.


It's really marvellous to read stuff like that, and mainly because it's genuine (no sunshine pumps running here). Makes it all worthwhile. Seriously. And all of this up to seven years after Dagger Dark vanished from the shelves. I think it's decidedly weird, actually. Where were you guys back in 1997?!?

Better late than never, I guess. . .

Have I read anything horrid out there on the web? Yes - once. But Dagger Dark was just one of those books: people either really loved it, or really hated it. Fortunately, it was more the former than the latter. I never had any feedback that floated about the median, which I used to think was strange. I don't anymore. I'd far prefer a book to be either loved or loathed, than closed and put away after page four. . .

But that's just me.


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