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This is where I get to post links to a lot of the other work I've done (and you haven't seen. . .yet).

It's a work in progress at the moment, but right now I am intending to post the other books in the Dagger Dark series that never came out. Well, you'll get chapter samples at the very least. Some of these titles also appear in the WIP pages, so check there as well for trailers and other titbits.

Active links are blue. If you see a title that's not active, it doesn't mean the work doesn't exist, but simply that I'm not yet ready to let you see it.

Soon, my pretties, soon. . .

in the dagger dark series

dagger dark
The first book in the Dagger series (only a short sample, sorry - I don't have the edited MS in electronic form, and this is all I was prepared to redo manually). . . The cover art was an interesting little beast. You can read the synopsis here. Out of print now (big time), you can still pick copies up from e-bay, Amazon,, and Biblioz, among quite a few others (search on "Dagger Dark"+"Richard Millership"). There's a regular enough trade in the book to enable you to get a copy, if you feel so inclined. Clubbed to Death, a tune by Rob Dougan, formed a fairly constant backdrop to the Dagger Dark story, and if I was ever to nominate a theme tune, that would be it. Funny thing is, back then, I never knew the name of the tune that inspired so much of that book (and others). Ten years later, I finally tracked it down. . .

chrome shadow
The second book in the Dagger series, this is a bit of a tease, I'm afraid (click here for a synopsis and click here to see the cover art). Only the first chapter and a bit. I really enjoyed writing this story after Dagger Dark, and coming up with yet more horror and villainy that fleshed (forgive the pun) out Callard's world a little more. It's strange, though, when you find yourself feeling sorry for one of your characters (as I started to do with Callard). . . Some of the best parts are also the research - like finding out how the FBI answers its telephone calls (yep' - you ring them up).

Although the publisher didn't like it - it wasn't moving the story forward, they felt - I didn't much care (I'm afraid I got the impression that they'd have disliked it regardless - and possibly with good reason, who knows - but maybe I was wrong). Anyway, I liked the character Sabid, and I liked the character Callard was becoming, even if I had already seen him in his later Dagger incarnation. I loved the supernatural aspects even more - the notion that the drugs were touching on that, as well. Very dark and creepy.

In the end, I listened to the publisher, and recast it (for the heck of it) as a sequel rather than a prequel. I really didn't see the problem, though. It was Callard's world, no matter 'when'. . .

Chrome Shadow was a terrific trip.

tiger, tiger
Third book in the Dagger series, I have to admit that this one got a little bizarre.

something(s).. .different. . .(later work)

Although Shadow Fall has actually been completed, I've bunged it over with the work in progress titles. A very kindly young literary agent in the US gave me some terrific feedback on that MS that I am yet to act on.

Shadow Fall

Red Deep

The Bringer

The Furey
Only a title page at this point, of course there's more written (in case you were wondering why I bothered). Being a work in progress, though, means I can't really give too much away. The title page's woodcut says an awful lot about it, though (as does this terrific picture). . .

Avenging Angel


early work

As the title suggests, you read this lot at your own risk. That said, Chromos Chaos was the manuscript that ended up getting Dagger Dark published (long story), so it's possible they didn't stink quite as badly as I've always thought (or maybe they - did). Who knows. . . I'll post links to these novels soon.

Chromos (Complex) Chaos

Steady State

short stories

I've written other short stories, but these are the only ones I'm prepared to let anyone read. Kidding, huh? No. I've never been much good at short stories, I'm afraid. I'd like to be better. . .

These form a collection of shorts I've been working on for some time:

The Demonicon. A Book of Wiles. (cover art)

I think the theme is pretty much unmistakable, wouldn't you agree?

Did You Sleep?
Just a bit of fun, inspired by my youngest daughter, and written in a day (because I just felt like it). You see, the opening exchange actually occurred (although she left out the bit about 'pure evil'). She didn't want me to catch her bad dream, though - very serious about that, she was, and she wasn't telling me a thing, just to make sure. Poor Praetorian, though. Yet another character I felt sorry for as I froze his doom in amber. I'm not nice to my characters; I realise this now.

The Skeletal Cat

Glasya Labolas, a fantastically named demon, features in this one as a demonic skeletal cat (seen here as a nicely photo-shopped sabre tooth I found out there somewhere - the skull, that is - I did the eyes). I've often found cats a little creepy, I have to admit, even though I grew up with them and loved them dearly. Just a dog person, I guess.

Glasya Labolas also features in this next story, along with a number of demons of various shades of evilness (not that they manifest That side of their natures all that much). This next one is more of a 'what if?' story, though it stems from some fundamental doctrinal differences between Judaism and Christianity in terms of the nature of the Fallen, and whether or not they really are damned for eternity. . .

Can a demon pray? And what really does happen if a demon decides he (or she) wants to repent?

What if they all do?

The Thirty-Six Legions of the Kingdom of Absalom
This is a terrific picture I found out there in web-land, and pretty much exactly how I envisioned Asmoday as she transforms herself to confront Andromalius (you'll just have to read the story if you want any more than that).

The Black Angel

The Very Best of All Things. . .
. . .is a story idea that suddenly arrived from the most innocuous of places: as I watched my eldest daughter on her weekly ride. In the very next paddock, a lone horse was galloping, having the time of its life, actually.

I think it's only natural that I should dream up a story that turned it into a messenger of death. . .

Well, doesn't everyone?

Ink of Ages
This is a story my eldest daughter commissioned. She had a couple of requirements: the main characters (a boy and a girl, as named), a fantasy theme, a portal to another world, unicorns, standard fairy forest folk (dryads, naiads, satyrs, fawns, etc). All boxes checked, I still don't think she expected it to end up as the play thing of yet another Captain of the Host of Hell.

That said, I played nice (promise). It is a children's story, after all. . .

The Drums of Andramelech Andromael
This is a story that was actually inspired by a Bar Mitzvah we were invited to (by one of my wife's dearest friends, so I got to tag along). There really were drums and drummers, which is where the idea came from, but that's where the similarities ended.


This was a (relevant to this site) script I wrote in about eight hours as I rushed to meet a deadline (I found out about the submission opportunity a bit late, unfortunately). It was for a short, twenty-minute film for a 'quirky' (who else hates that description?) Australian series called Two Twisted.

Regardless to say, it didn't get selected. I wasn't surprised. The writing was rough and, now I reread it, frankly a bit forced and unbelievable. My feeling at the time was along the lines of 'a snow flake's chance in hell', but what the hey - it was terrific fun to write, and more so because the subject matter was based on personal experience (and yes, that is as darkly creepy as it sounds - read it and find out). Here's some cover art, just for fun.

I enjoy script writing - a lot. It's hard, fast, uncluttered - pure form. Terrific.


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