Chrome Shadow - the synopsis

IT Frederik Norstrand - the IT assigned to the ‘Vanishing’, the investigation into a series of unexplained disappearances of men in and around Manhattan - has disappeared.

Almost twelve months after the horror of ‘Dagger Dark’, IT Deloit Callard’s suspension from the NYPO freeagent assignment lists has finally ended, his full reinstatement coming with his assignment to the task of investigating IT Norstrand’s sudden and ominous disappearance, as well as picking up where the missing IT has left off.

Teamed with Federal Bureau Agent, Tanjil Bren, who had been working with Norstrand before he vanished, the pair begin to explore the last lead Norstrand left: the darker side of the New York club and drug scene - the Sados.  Dominated by a collection of exotic and illegal psychotomimetic drugs, the Sado scene itself is lead by ‘the groups’: a select few who are even more deeply shrouded in the occult mystique of the Sados, and known for their shared trips - the common psychotic visions experienced by their members when they are on the drugs.

Bearing haunting similarities to a case Callard had investigated almost a year before the nightmare of ‘Dagger Dark’ unfolded, Bren and Callard begin to follow Norstrand’s trail, and equipped with precious few leads, they start to pierce the shroud of silence that cloaks the Sados and ‘the groups’, revealing the links the missing IT had to both - and the deeper evil that is lurking within them - an evil that leads them into the even darker mystery that still surrounds Dagger.

But the pace of the ‘Vanishing’ is increasing.  With three more men disappearing within a matter of days of each other, the investigation starts to build frantic speed as the pair concentrate on the main leads they have:  Callard’s earlier investigation, the drugs that are being used, the Sado group known as Astarte, and the ‘shadow’ that all of the groups are increasingly beginning to see - the Chrome Shadow.  However, things are not as they appear to be as Callard and Bren finally begin to close in on the truth.

Within a heartbeat, the tables are turned as the hunters become the hunted, as Bren finally and fully uncovers the connection this latest crime has with an old designer drug called Dagger, and the men who are behind what is now emerging as an even more horrific facet of an experiment that never died.  Realising that the investigation itself has become a deadly trap, orchestrated by those same men, Bren’s task becomes a race against time to find the Chrome Shadow, to find a brutal serial killer and now unwitting assassin, before Callard himself is added to the list of the disappeared.


Copyright © Richard Millership 2008