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These are my personal pages: a collection of thoughts and musings the home page hints at, but never really delivers on. Apologies for that, by the way - it seemed like a cute idea at the time.

Here is where I've attempted to sum up the insanity that drives writers (such as myself) to spend their lives doing what they do. For some, that answer is obvious. They're successful and celebrated in one way or another, their achievements rewarded by that rare privilege afforded only the professional writer: being paid to do what they love, and, if they're lucky, being lauded for same.

Then there are the rest: the army of wannabes who have never been published, or the lesser number of one-book-wonders (such as yours truly) who keep on going, in the possibly vein hope that one day they'll get back into the saddle.

It's a thankless task (as, unfortunately, it should be); the life of the story is the only reward.


do you really want to be published?


Believe it or not, this really is a question you need to ask yourself (though the only question you're asking right now is 'Is this guy some kind of nut?').

You should take this question seriously.

Problem is, unless you've really seen publishing - looked it in the eye - got up close and personal - you'll never understand that the idyllic world you picture now bears absolutely no resemblance to what's really there. It's not pretty. It's not particularly nice, but not in a 'business-isn't-nice' kind of way (with which I'd have no problems) - more in a 'how-dare-you' kind of way. It's pretty much always petty. It can be vindictive. It's often unprofessional. It's also about the least business-like set up I think I've ever witnessed. Worst of all, though, it's a crap shoot of the most monumental proportions.

And you want to entrust your work, something you've sweated over for what might well have been years, to a bunch of people who really don't give a toss, and even if they did, don't really have the foggiest idea how to turn a project into a success? I mean, let's face it, when an ex-Managing Director of a leading international publishing house says to you, on the quiet, that his industry's professionals are largely a 'bunch of gentlemanly amateurs who couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery', you know those feelings of previously gentle disquiet are about to erupt, as you receive your steaming hot injection of 'get-me-the-hell-out-of-here' reality!

You need to think about it. Seriously. Right now, you're in a marvellous place. You're having the time of your life writing and dreaming about what may be, while getting on with your life in other meaningful ways. But here's the rub: you may actually be better off staying precisely where you are, having fun, and being meaningful, rather than discovering the truth and having that place ruined for you for all time.

You see, there really is no going back. Don't brush this question off too lightly.



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