reviews (and other gratuitous abuse) I have received


Here's where I list some of the reviews received for Dagger Dark at the time. All in all, I thought they were pretty fair. It was my first book and I wasn't really expecting to set the world on fire (though it would have been nice). Once again, Dagger Dark was just one of those kinds of books. People tended to love it or hate it. I also get terrific reader feedback, like this, so it all balances out.

Anyway, here are - well - all of the reviews I ever spotted for Dagger Dark. If you know of any more, or even have some (though why that would be is something of a mystery), do let me know - I'd appreciate hearing about it tremendously.

Who Weekly (September 1997)

Ralph Magazine (June 1998)

Canberra Times (October 1997)

3D World (August 1997)

Victorian Law Institute (December 1997)

Random House letter to booksellers (August 1997)




Leading up to publication, Reed Books, my original publisher, had committed to doing some terrific promotions. For example: the full back cover advertisement from the April issue of Australian Bookseller and Publisher (sorry about the colour quality - my filters, I'm afraid), and the original Reed Books flyer (front back). Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff the flyer mentioned didn't actually happen (when Random House took over the show).

That's when I undertook to do a lot of it myself.

Here are the Dagger Dark street posters (just a few shots the posters took, to prove they'd done the deed). Fascinatingly, in Sydney, absolutely every single person I know who was in town that day saw a Dagger Dark poster! They went up everywhere! It was like some spectacularly successful virus. A terrific promotion. I'd do it again in a heart beat.

I'd include some of the radio advertising I contracted (which was pretty good) and interviews I did (including an amazing interview with Frances Halpern and her terribly nice co-host (whose name now eludes me) for their Beyond Words program on KCLU-FM over in California, USA) but transposing the tape recordings to digital files is beyond me right now (thanks to a bust tape player). Maybe later. . .


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