work in progress


This is where I get to post little trailers and other bits and pieces about the projects and project ideas I have running at the moment. All novels, and all fairly weird, to a greater or lesser degree, some are significantly advanced, some are little more than twinkles in my eye.

Red Deep
This manuscript is currently about two thirds done and winding into serious 'weird' territory (cover art).

The Bringer
This one was inspired by the events in New York on September 11, 2001. It's reasonably advanced now (logo), although I have had trouble imagining being in the mind of someone (something) that could reverse an event like that - all events like that - on one day and one day only - everywhere.

Only a title page at this point (making it an uber-twinkle), of course there's more written (in case you were wondering why I bothered). Being a work in progress, though, means I can't really give too much away. The title page's woodcut says an awful lot about it, though. . .

The Station
A dark kind of techno-thriller, with lashings of the overlap between technology and supernature, this is slightly more than a twinkle right now. I have the story line fleshed out and have written one or two sequences, which is good. Currently suffering from only one significant cliché, I'm not particularly bothered by that fact. Once again, it's about the story, and I think more than enough happens to get us past that particular hurdle.


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